Copyrighted leatherlips

Chief Leatherlips monument off of Riverside Dr, north of Emerald Pkwy. Originally there was a small placard sign on the opposite side of Riverside Dr to honor the Chief.

Local lore has it that Jack Nicklaus’ huge Muirfield development was built on Leatherlips’ land. The Chief was not pleased and punished Jack’s PGA Memorial Tournament with cold, rainy weather. To try to appease the Chief, a large memorial was built – appropriately facing west toward Muirfield so the Chief could view his land. Jack also tried moving the Tournament a week later into June to help with the unreliable Ohio weather. Sometimes it works … sometimes it doesn’t.

While you’re there viewing the Chief, look to the northwest of his monument for a funny looking, perfectly symmetrical tree. It’s really a camouflaged cell tower.


~ by Elaine Reese on 08/23/09.