Today the Buckeyes won the 2009 Big Ten Championship by beating ‘Meeshigun’ 21-10. As long as we beat that state up north, the season is complete. That’s how it is in Central Ohio.

In the ’70’s I made this Brutus. That’s how he looked back then. While mine is a small version, the real one was a huge ball that someone wore. The person inside the round shell could move the fuzzy eyebrows depending on the play or the score. The round nut was replaced with a horrible looking – and very short-lived head – that no one liked. Eventually the mascot suit evolved to what it is today. (read Brutus Buckeye history)

The one that I made above is a cherished possession because of the autographs. Archie signed an eyebrow and his brother, Ray, signed the other. Cornie Greene signed the mouth, Anne Hayes signed the nose, but since she used an ink pen, it’s no longer visible other than the impression from the pen.

We had Anne speak at our Union County Alumni Assoc and I was fortunate to have her seated next to me. What a treat that was, as she was so funny with her stories of Woody.



~ by Elaine Reese on 11/21/09.