Storm clouds in Powell OH 43065

I took this photo in the back of my Real Living office in Powell this afternoon. We saw lots of these clouds this weekend as it was a very rainy, stormy weekend. Tornado warnings were also common. One touched down in NW Ohio killing a few people. On the way into the office today, I saw quite a bit of standing water in fields and lawns. There were streams where there weren’t supposed to be streams.

I received Delaware County’s CODE RED phone call this morning at 5:30, warning of high winds and hail in my area. If you live in Delaware County, do take advantage of this emergency warning system. It’s not just for weather but any other emergency that the County needs to alert residents. Give them the phone number you want called and the address you want monitored. Sign up at this page on Delaware County’s web site.

Photo taken with Blackberry


~ by Elaine Reese on 06/06/10.