Rabbit families have made my yard their home for several years now. I think it began when I planted the large Norway spruces, which gave them cover. They also like to hide under the thorny pyracantha. Brutus, my last Dobie, didn’t deter them. The Murph – who is supposed to be ergonomically designed to hunt rabbits down into their holes – doesn’t deter them. Although this one kept an eye on me, I was able to get pretty close. This week I noticed there was yet another new litter … of course, isn’t there ALWAYS a new litter with rabbits.

I guess I would rather have rabbits, than the skunk I had at another home. I had to stock up on gallons of tomato juice because the Dobie I had then hated cats and skunks. He didn’t know the difference. There were several times he had to sleep in the garage … until he finally killed it. You can’t even imagine what that clean-up was like. Ew-w-w-w!


~ by Elaine Reese on 06/11/10.