Tartan Fields golf course, Dublin OH 43017

This is one of the holes on Tartan Fields golf course. When I first pulled along side the road, two of the golfers in the photo were down in two of the sand traps that surround the green. The traps have a rather severe overhang lip and apparently one of the guys was just a wee bit frustrated, as I saw him give his club the “heave-ho” after he took a shot. Perhaps it wasn’t the first shot he took trying to get out of the sand.

I remember a hole at Apple Valley (Howard, OH) that would sometimes give me fits. It was #8 and at that time (30 years ago when we owned weekend property there) the bunker was lined with vertical railroad ties. If the ball landed in that trap, there was no option but to hit backward to the fairway then try for the green a second time. There were times I, too, felt like throwing my wedge so I can sympathize with this guy.


~ by Elaine Reese on 07/10/10.