roundabout road sign near Powell Ohio

Roundabouts have become a popular way of managing traffic through intersections rather than using traffic lights. Delaware County is using them as they build new roads. I routinely drive through three of them: this one at Hyatts Rd & Sawmill Pkwy north of Powell, plus two others on Brand Rd in the Dublin area. The signs used for Brand Rd are different as they give an indication that there are roads where one can exit the roundabout. This sign looks as though once you enter the circle, you’ll be trapped there for the rest of your life. I really appreciate the one at Brand & Dublin Rds because it was so difficult to make a left turn onto Dublin Rd from Brand Rd. With gas costing so much, it’s nice to not have to sit at a traffic light.


~ by Elaine Reese on 08/20/11.