Super Moon over Delaware Ohio
Photo taken with Sony A-300

We had a “super moon” last night when the moon was to be closer to the earth. I’m sure some parts of the U.S. had a much better display than we had here, but it was still very bright. When I lived briefly in Tucson, I was amazed at how many more stars are visible there than here in Ohio. The sky was filled with stars there but our cloudy atmosphere in Ohio hides most of them. For these two photos, I used a tripod then both of my cameras. I have an expensive Sony A-300 that I use for my real estate business. I also used my inexpensive Nikon Cool Pix that I keep in my car for everyday photos. Different cameras … different effects.

Super Moon over Delaware County Ohio
Photo taken with Nikon Cool Pix P2


~ by Elaine Reese on 05/06/12.