Over the weekend I moved this large feeder to a position further away from large branches that the raccoons could climb. I prefer to keep this particular feeder within this landscaping area because the shells from the oilers are easy to disperse under the spruces. In the new location, the feeder was about 20″ away from the limbs. Close enough for the squirrels to jump to but far enough away for the raccoons – or so I thought!

When I looked out my bedroom window upon awakening I couldn’t believe my eyes. I immediately ran outside to chase them away. Like all good wildlife babies, they went into “don’t move” mode when they saw me so I was able to get very close to them. Their beady eyes just watched me.

I didn’t want to hurt them but decided to give them a “bad” experience. Got the hose and sprayed them with the hard, forceful spray. They didn’t like that at all, jumping to the ground and scampering up the trees. There was no sign of Mom.

Later in the afternoon I moved this feeder further away and as with the shepherd hooks, I slathered the pole with the brake grease. Per some articles I read on Google, Capzasin (made with hot peppers) is a good deterrent because it doesn’t harm them or squirrels, they just don’t like it. (Havahart uses it in their humane products) I happened to have some of the cream in my medicine cabinet so I added it to all the poles. We’ll see what happens.

By the way, two of my adjoining neighbors also have feeders on shepherd’s hooks and they have NO PROBLEM! Guess I’m just lucky!

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~ by Elaine Reese on 06/15/16.