Raccoons climb over fence to yard

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In my battle to deter the raccoons from finding my yard a self-serve deli, I have tried the following:

  • Moving feeders away from accessible tree limbs.
  • Applying brake grease, Capzasin and Vicks menthol to feeder poles.
  • Trimming branches of nearby shrubs.

So none of those things worked!

I still prefer to deter them (because they carry diseases that could be harmful to Murphy) rather than have a pest company trap them. The pest folks tell me that even though they live-trap, they are required to kill them later because they are considered a “nuisance” animal and if moved they just become a problem for someone else. Plus, the charge for the traps starts at $350!

Tack strip around bird feeder pole

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Over the weekend I came up with a plan … carpet tack strips!

I bought a box of tack strips, L-braces and brown spray paint.

My plan was to make a “box” of the strips to box-in the four feeder poles. Then I would paint them to blend with the landscaping. My thinking was that the tacks would hurt the raccoons’ feet thus deterring them from climbing up to the feeder.

I congratulated myself for being so smart!!!

I checked the feeders the next morning. This is what I found on the post that holds a peanut feeder for the squirrels. The spruce limbs have been trimmed such that squirrels can jump to the feeder but too far away for the raccoons to climb to the feeder. The tack strips are on all four sides of the post. I couldn’t believe there were muddy footprints all over the post – ALL SIDES – and on the top as the peanuts were eaten!!!
Tack strips on bird feeder post

I don’t know what more to do! Four of my neighbors have no problem with their feeders even though those feeders are near trees or use the shepherd’s hooks poles. WHY ME!


~ by Elaine Reese on 07/05/16.