This past week I went to Wild Birds Unlimited to get more seed – thanks to the ravaging raccoons! During my conversation with one of the sales clerks, she told me how she had solved a problem she had with squirrels climbing a tree to get to a feeder. She bought corrugated PVC at Lowe’s and wrapped it around a portion of the tree trunk. The squirrels couldn’t climb the slippery PVC.

I visited the Menards store near my home to see if they had the corrugated PVC. They did – in various colors. It comes in 26″x8′ or 12′ panels. I cut it to the size needed to fit around two of the feeders to prevent the raccoons from being able to climb.
PVC barrier to prevent raccoons

It worked for 3 nights. The peanuts didn’t disappear over night which means they weren’t able to climb, although I did see some scratches on the bottom piece. Since the plastic looked rather dorky, I bought some spray paint colors to “camouflage” the plastic. My neighbor chuckled at my contraption, but when the raccoons raid HIS feeders because they can’t get to MINE, then maybe he won’t find it so funny!

PVC raccoon barrier painted camo

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I’m not claiming victory yet, but I AM ENCOURAGED!!

EDIT UPDATE: It’s been ONE WEEK since I added the “barriers”. There has been no sign that the raccoons have eaten any of the seed overnight. I’M CLAIMING VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!


~ by Elaine Reese on 07/16/16.