new landscaping

In May 2015 I added a new landscape bed to the back of my home (above). I raised the level by adding 900lbs of soil (oh my back!) then planted some shrubs and perennials. I wanted “tall” shrubs to conceal the empty space between the ground and the windows. A Butterflybush is in the center. On either side of it are Ligularias. The outer shrubs are Ninebark.

The plants have grown quite a bit this year, and the Ligularia are blooming. I was most interested in it since I was totally unfamiliar with this plant and was eager to see what it “did”. It has huge elephant-ear-like leaves and has just started with the tall daisy-like blooms. While it looks like one plant in this photo, actually there are 3 plants that have grown larger than the plant tag descriptor said. I will need to divide them next spring.

Midnight Ligularia

Compare today’s photo with the top photo to see how much growth there has been in one year. Various butterflies are enjoying the flowers on both the butterflybush and the ligularia.

new landscaping

new shrubs

The one thing I did do correctly was plant the shrubs with plenty of space away from the house even though it looked odd last year. They should get even larger, although they’re easy to prune to control ultimate size.


~ by Elaine Reese on 08/13/16.